Data Science Course IFT6758

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Getting Help

Post your questions in Piazza and hopefully your peers will answer. Note that in Piazza questions are visible to everyone.

Exclusively in the event that you have a question of a sensitive, personal nature: Please feel free to email the instructors. Please start the subject of your email with “[IFT6758]” to make sure that it is not lost.


office hour: Thursday 12h - 13h30

office hour: Wednesday 16h30 - 18h

Teaching Assistants

office hour: Tuesday 14h30 - 16h

office hour: Monday 9h - 10h30

office hour: Thursday 13h30 - 15h

office hour: Monday 13h30 - 15h

All office hours will be held at local AA-3248 in Pavillon André-Aisenstadt (DIRO).